App Description

Smart AR Home is a mobile application that connects the world of Augmented Reality with smart home automations. Create a digital twin of your smart home and control it with a unique, Sims a like, 3D view.


Smart AR Home supports currently Samsung SmartThings and Philips Hue controllers. More platforms (e.g. Matter, HomeKit) and device types, are coming soon, based on the usersí feedback.


The initial scan must be done on the device with LiDAR sensor (like iPhone 13/12 Pro/Pro Max or iPad Pro devices from 2020 and later). User only need it to make a first scan. Once they have a scan, it can be exported and imported to Smart AR Home app on any mobile device, including Android. We are exploring options to also enable reasonable scanning on Android devices with Depth API support.


Once the scan is available, application will guide the user through pairing mode with Samsung SmartThings or Philips Hue Lights setup. When devices are discovered, user will place them on the 3D scan and will be ready to control them.


Controlling devices by looking at the scan of your map is more intuitive, itís faster and more elegant than long list of devices in a typical home automation application.




Smart AR Home vs smart speaker

Smart speakers have their own advantages and disadvantages, and we believe there is a need for both. For example, you canít talk to the speaker when itís late and you can wake up the rest of the family. Itís also difficult to control some devices, like adjusting music volume or shade opening, by telling the percentage to the speaker. Not everyone likes to talk and ask an object to perform an action. Finally, there is nothing more frustrating that smart speaker that doesnít understand your command.

For that reason, Smart AR Home is an excellent addition to everyoneís smart home, an elegant introduction of Augmented Reality into your home.




User privacy is very important for us and for that reason, the scan and home setup always stay on the user device. We donít upload it anywhere and we donít process it in the cloud. If user would like to share their home setup with their family members, they can do it be exporting manually the setup from the app and importing it on another device.


When user removes the app from the device, all user data is also removed with it.



Fact Sheet

         Name: Smart AR Home

         Genre: House Automation, Augmented Reality

         Supported platforms: all Android devices supporting ARCore, all iOS devices supporting ARKit (*LiDAR required for initial scan)



         Price: free



         Manage light switches, dimmers and shades with 3D

         Export/Import your settings to other mobile devices, including other platforms and devices without LiDAR sensor

         Support many floors

         Demo mode for those without smart home devices



App teaser:


How to manage devices:


How to place devices:


How to share devices with other:


How to update scan ceiling height:


How to remove placed devices:


How to add new floor to the scan:



Screenshots and icons






Download screenshots, logos and icons in full resolution:!AthQyMIY2vyyut5Fv5tLy1oE17wQOw?e=sTXPNx


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